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MSD Collections includes various functions focused on the cataloging of books, music and videos. Download MSD Collections right now to organize your files

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MSD Collections is an application developed to make cataloging your books, videos, and music a lot easier. This program provides a way to be able to keep track of your belongings and thus be able to manage the things that you loan to friends and family.

All the information is stored in databases, the structure of which can be modified to adapt them to your own needs. Thus, depending on if you want to classify the objects due to their physical location or type, you will be able to create different fields and registries.

Software aimed at cataloging music, videos, and books

The modules included in MSD Collections allow you to manage collections of films, books, magazines, music, and software. What's more, it has an extra function that allows you to control the objects that have been loaned out: when, to whom and for how long.

What's more, it includes complementary tools to be able to perform backups, create or open documents, save the registries as a spreadsheet and see or print the images associated with each registry of the program.

Thanks to MSD Collections you will have a great organizer to maintain all your belongings located and have all kinds of detailed information about them.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a trial version with limited use.
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