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MSD Employees Multiuser is a tool with which you can manage the information about the employees of your company. Download MSD Employees Multiuser now

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MSD Employees Multiuser is a complete application, the objective of which is to manage the different things that may have to do with a company's employees. This program is made up by two modules: a client that the users will use and a server with the data. With MSD Employees Multiuser you will be able to manage all the data about the workers, thus making it easier to handle anything relating to them.

  By means of a computer that will work as a server, several users will be able to access simultaneously to the information in the database. MSD Employees Multiuser is capable of managing a lot of data about the workers: personal and work data, overtime, leaves, holidays, studies, work experience, shifts.

  MSD Employees Multiuser will allow the people that work in the management to detect the workers that have had excessive leave or create all kinds of reports about different work data.

  If you need a tool that will help you and your work mates to manage all kinds of information about your company's workers, try out MSD Employees Multiuser.
Requirements and additional information:
Requires that you have a local network with TCP/IP. The trial version has certain limitations.
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