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MSD Employees has been developed to create a database with all the information about the human resource management of a company. Download MSD Employees

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MSD Employees will help the human resources personnel of any company to maintain thorough control of the employees. Thanks to the fact that this software will store a large database with any incident or assessment that may be necessary. So having a company history will be a lot easier and faster.

  Thanks to MSD Employees we will be able to know since when an employee has been working for the company, we will remember important dates and we will have the data about sanctions, sick leaves, late arrivals and overtime.

  The modules available are: Employees (with personal information about each one of them), Information of the Employees (where we will see company or labor information), Summary (information groups), Statistics (the complete information to be able to be filtered to our own liking), Reports (the most interesting and important data to assess each worker), Expiry (deadlines for documents and other bureaucratic elements) and Absence (to be able to have this kind of information at hand).

  The interface of MSD Employees is rather clear, and with it we can perform any task intuitively. What's more, we will be able to carry out backups to prevent losing data.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version has limited functions.
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