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With MSN BackUp you will be able to create a backup copy of all the elements that you use with MSN Messenger. Download MSN BackUp free and save the winks

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MSN BackUp is a simple application for those users of MSN Messenger that want to create a backup copy of all the elements that have been added to this instant messenger client. These elements can be: emoticons, user images, winks, backgrounds or photographs.

  We may need this program if we have to uninstall MSN Messenger and we want to recover all the icons and other elements that we had in our instant messenger clients.

  The step we have to follow are: first we have to input our electronic mail account. It is possible that the program will ask us for the ID of our account, that we will be able to find when we start our electronic mail session.

  After that MSN BackUp detects all these elements that we have and can be copied. We will only have to select the folder where the copy will be stored and those elements that we want to save. After that, with a single click, the program will make the backup copy. The reverse process to restore the elements is just as simple.

  Place all your emoticons, avatars, winks, photographs and icons that you have in MSN Messenger.
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