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Connect all your Messenger accounts at once with MSN Polygamy. Use them all simultaneously after you download MSN Polygamy and install it on your PC

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MSN Polygamy will be of greet help for those people that have various Live Messenger accounts and want to use them at the same time. Many people have an account to communicate at work and another with their friends, and don't mix their contacts, it is for people like these that MSN Polygamy comes in handy, because it allows them to keep various official clients open at the same time.

  One of the main problems of MSN Messenger and Live Messenger is that it isn't possible to open more than open session, so if you have two or more accounts you have to resort to programs like MSN Polygamy to be able to open them at the same time.

  The official Microsoft client is, without a doubt, the best in what regards to quality, so having it open with various accounts is something that many people ask for, nevertheless, this isn't possible without the modifications implemented by MSN Polygamy. So, if you want to have two instant messenger accounts, or you already have them and you want to use them simultaneously, don't think twice and install this software.

  MSN Polygamy only shows you a box explaining how it works and allowing you to launch the process to modify the executable of the official client, thus, in a few seconds we will have our messenger cloned as many times as we want.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version has certain limitations.
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