MSN Slide Max

MSN Slide Max transforms the user's Messenger avatar into a slideshow of images. Download MSN Slide Max to animate your Live Messenger avatar image

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Its true that the Windows Live Messenger avatar can be changed whenever the user feels like it, but wouldn't it be a lot easier that a programme did it automatically for us, as in the case of MSN Slide Max.

You avatar transformed into a sequence of images

How MSN Slide Max works is very simple, because all that the user will have to do is start a session with Windows Live Messenger, open that application and select the photographs that are going to be used as your avatar, and the programme will do the rest.

The user will be able to select the order used to show the images or activate the random option, as well as having the possibility to select the amount of minutes that have to go by before the image changes.

Other options available with MSN Slide Max is to add a watermark to the images shown or choose a specific image for each status mode.

Furthermore, MSN Slide Max includes a small tool with which it will be possible to convert an image into a short animation, so that it will be possible to show the full image to your contacts.

Download MSN Slide Max to liven up your Windows Live Messenger conversations by customising your avatar a little bit more.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations, including the fact that it adds a watermark to the images and adds a photograph with its logo to the slides shown.
  • This application requires Windows Live Messenger to be installed and to be logged into to a user account.
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