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mufin player is a music player that allows you to listen to the songs that have the same tempo or tone. Download mufin player and try out all its functions

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There are dozens of different music players that offer us different options depending on the market that they are aimed at. There are those that are focused on selling music like iTunes, those that aim at the simplicity of options like Winamp or those that are mainly focused on the Internet like Songbird, but up until now we didn't have one whose main focus was music, as happens with mufin player.

  This player has an innovative system that recognizes the sound of the songs that we have in our library and rearranges our collection in such a way that we will also listen to music with the same tempo, tone or harmony, something that will allow us to rediscover all and everyone of the albums that we store on our hard drive.

  What's more, it recognizes the artists that are part of our library and it offers us new alternatives following logical parameters, eliminating duplicate and corrupt tracks, it also includes a DJ function thanks to which we will be able to enjoy the music in a dynamic way, but without great tempo or style changes.

  It also provides a function by means of which we will be able to integrate the application into iTunes, thus allowing us to synchronize with our iPod playlists that are totally coherent and it also allows us to share our music on Facebook, Twitter or Last.FM.

  Download mufin player and discover a new way of listening to your favorite music.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires an Internet connection to install the program.
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