With MUkoTE you can eliminate the adverts that interrupt the playback in Spotify. Download MUkoTE for free to listen to music without publicity on Spotify

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Spotify has become the best way of listening to music for lots of users, because it has a brilliant database that anyone can access free of charge, or with a premium account, where they will be able to listen to any album or artist they choose, using the streaming technique.

  One of the only problems we might find if we use a free account, is publicity, that is more and more present each day, because it interrupts the stream we are listening to promote a certain product or artist. Now we can avoid listening to these adverts thanks to MUkoTE, a simple application that will mute Spotify when an ad appears, because it recognizes the text chain the program generates.

  This application is really easy to use: we have to search and select the Spotify executable, launch Spotify, when an advert starts we have to double click on the program's icon in the system tray, and thanks to the latter, tMUkoTE recognizes the adverts and mutes the program until it finishes automatically.

  All the adverts we add are stored in a TXT file that we can edit manually, so we can add or delete whatever we want, in case we make a mistake and double click during a song, or a friend gives us a list with a lot more adverts.
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