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Multi Messenger offers you the possibility to start sessions with various accounts on Windows Live Messenger. Download Multi Messenger and check it out

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Windows Live Messenger is one of the most widespread instant messaging applications, maybe because a great majority of computer users have a Hotmail or Live! account and because this free application is perfectly compatible with Windows operating systems.

Several Messenger accounts at the same time

Nevertheless, the well-known Messenger by Microsoft presents a drawback, it doesn't allow the user to start various sessions with different accounts, and due to this we can't communicate with different contact groups (family, friends, work, etc...), if you have them associated to different email accounts.

If you have Windows Live Messenger version, you can use Multi Messenger to avoid this drawback. This free application, once installed, allows the user to open the messaging program as many times as he/she wants, so we will be able to start sessions with different user accounts. Multi Messenger, as well as updating Messenger, removes the bothersome publicity that appears as a banner.

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