Launch several Linux distros from your USB with the help of MultiBootISOs. Take various operating systems with you once you download MultiBootISOs for free

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MultiBootISOs has been developed as the solution to be able to take several operating systems with us on the same USB pendrive, with the main objective of being able to launch the one that we need at any given moment. Up until now, it was only possible to install a single operating system on a flash memory, but thanks to how simple it is to use this software, this will no longer be as such.

Have as many Linux operating systems as you want on a single pendrive

To be able to use the program and modify the pendrive so as to be able to launch various platforms from it, it will only be necessary to connect the USB pendrive to the PC and launch MultiBootISOs, so that it formats it and copies a series of files that are necessary to be able to choose between one system and another when the computer boots from the pendrive.

Once we have carried out the previous process, we'll be able to copy the ISO images of the systems that we want to the root directory of the USB Flash Drive and reboot the PC. Once the computer starts we'll only have to make sure that it boots from the pendrive and select the operating system of our choice from the GRUB menu that will appear.

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