Multicalc is an advanced calculator that improves the features offered by the basic Windows calculator. Download Multicalc for free to calculate your time

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One of the most limited utilities included with Windows is, without a doubt, its calculator. Due to the latter, students and teachers that usually work with their PCs need alternatives with which to carry out more complex tasks.

  Multicalc is a virtual calculator, developed mainly for the calculation of times, which has a very simple interface, similar to that of other tools of the same genre, with the only particularity that it has a window in which we will be able to see each of the steps of the operation that we are calculating.

  The application is capable of:

  - Carrying out calculations with memory.

  - Converting decimal numbers into hexadecimal or binary, and vice-versa.

  - Add and subtract times.

  If you were looking for a versatile and free calculator, that will offer you some more possibilities than those offered by the one that is included in the operating system, try out Multicalc.
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