Have your got several Messenger accounts? Access all of them simultaneously once you download MultiLive for free. Patch your Live Messenger with MultiLive

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One of the most used tools to communicate on the Internet is without doubt instant messaging, specially Windows Live Messenger, that is part of the Microsoft Windows Live communications suite.

  To be able to enjoy this messaging service you need to create a user account, but if you have several accounts and you want to use them all, you are going to have a problem, because like many other clients, Live Messenger can only be launched once and it doesn't allow the user to open the application with various user accounts at the same time.

  To solve this problem you can use MultiLive, a tool to patch the Live Messenger executable file so that you can open the messaging client by Microsoft more than once at the same time, and thus be able to use more than one account, without having problems with your computer.

  MultiLive is the perfect solution for those people that need to use more than one Microsoft Live Messenger account to be able to chat to different people at the same time (for example, one account for work and another for friends).
Requirements and additional information:
It is necessary to have Windows Live Messenger installed to be able to use this application.
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