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Play Nintendo 64 games on your computer. Mupen64 is the perfect free tool to do so. Download Mupen64 for free now, entertainment is more than assured

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Mupen64 is a project that is available on several different platforms, thanks to which it is possible to enjoy the Nintendo 64 games on almost any modern day computer, so that you can enjoy titles that were as popular as Super Mario 64, Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Doom64.

  This powerful emulator will allow us to use up to 4 game pads, with the possibility to play in a window or on fullscreen, and adapt to the power of our computer by adjusting the video quality and the audio channels, among many other things.

  To emulate the Nintendo 64 graphics perfectly, the program uses a series of plug-ins, that manage to recreate the 64-bit graphics used by the console.

  If you enjoyed the games for this powerful Nintendo game console, which was the predecessor of other machines like the GameCube or the Wii, you shouldn't miss out on this chance to download this powerful development, that will surely make you spend plenty of your free time due to the fact that the games are so addictive.

  Wait no longer, install Mupen64 on your computer.
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This download doesn't include any ROMs.
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