Provide some variety to your desktop with MuralPix. Change the wallpapers automatically, as well as applying other settings by downloading MuralPix for free

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MuralPix is an application that will make it easy for you to have a dynamic, useful and well-organized desktop in Windows, thanks to this software the wallpaper and various settings that you work with daily will change every certain amount of time to make it a lot more pleasant to work with.

Bring some life to your wallpaper

Basically, MuralPix is a software application that changes the desktop wallpaper according to a set of rules that you can configure: every certain amount of time, each reboot, depending on the user that is connected... What's more, it shows the calendar superimposed on the wallpaper, which can be very useful.

The truth is that the depth and the quality of the changes carried out by MuralPix are a lot bigger than a simple change of the wallpaper with a calendar. All the wallpapers will be shown on top of a textured background if they don't fit on the screen, a texture that will have a color that is the same as the one the predominates in the image.

What's more, it also allows you to modify the configuration of the desktop interface color based on the wallpaper (the color beneath the name of the shortcuts,...). As well as all this, it offers the possibility to activate or deactivate the wallpaper change by right-clicking on the icon of the system tray.

MuralPix will analyze all the images that you add to determine everything else, so if you want your wallpaper to change depending on your own rules, download it now.

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Antony Peel
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