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We are sure that Murfy Maths is one of the most entertaining ways to study maths. Murfy Maths allows you to study adding, subtracting and multiplying

The most entertaining way to study maths

June 27, 2011
8 / 10

Maths is one of the most complicated disciplines to study for children, that is why it can be a lot more bearable and light for anyone if you resort to a game like Murfy Maths.

Learn maths whilst playing

In a very clear way, using a game to do so, the children will be able to train their skills when it comes to adding, subtracting and multiplying. The game will show a result, and the objective of the game is to get as close as possible using a combination of squares, that can contain numbers or mathematical symbols.

What's more, to make things a bit more interesting, there are squares that are marked with special symbols, each of which give the player a special bonus: double score, bombs, square shuffle,...

If you want to have a good time while you practice working with numbers and complete all kinds of operations, don't think about it twice and download Murfy Maths to have a great time whilst practicing your maths.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download is an installer that requires an Internet connection to install the game.
  • The demo can be played for 60 minutes.
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