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Download all the music that you want with Music MP3 Get, a music search engine and download songs without DRM protection. Download Music MP3 Get now

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Few music download systems could offer total legality and absolute security, up until now, because Music MP3 Get offers us a system to find and download any song to our hard drive, without having to worry about the new P2P laws or if the file that we download is corrupt or if it contains a virus.

  Music MP3 Get allows us to listen to any song before downloading it, so we will avoid filling our computer's hard drive with songs that we don't want. The interface allows us to search for the songs, artists or albums that we want and will show us a list of songs related with our search, as well as a list with the latest themes added to the database. Once we have done this, we will only need to press on the download button and the song will be ready to be played from our hard drive in a matter of minutes.

  The downloaded songs don't have any kind of DRM or similar protection, so they can be stored on different devices and listened to on portable devices like an MP3 player or an iPod/iPhone.

  Try out a different way to download your favorite songs with Music MP3 Get. With this version you can download up to 15 songs for free.
Requirements and additional information:
With this trial version you will be able to download 15 tracks free of charge.
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