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Musicall is an Android application that allows you to play music from your collection while you make a phone call. It also works as a multimedia player

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Do you get bored while making phone calls? Don't your ringtones satisfy your musical tastes? Well, that's not their main function, but if you think it should be, Musicall for Android is the application you need.

What is Musicall and how does it work?

Installing this APK on your smartphone offers you the possibility to listen to the songs of your music library while you make a call. In other words, instead of listening to a boring ringtone, this app plays a song in MP3 format from your phone to liven up the wait. Only you will hear it, not the person on the other side of the line.

To assign songs to your calls, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Step 1: tap the upper right corner of the app where there's a music note icon, to choose the song from your gallery. From Shakira's La Bicicleta to Justin Bieber's latest hit, as well as classics like the soundtrack of The Lion King.
  2. Step 2: then choose the contact from your list to apply that song so that you hear each time you call that number. You can also input the number by hand.
  3. Step 3: make sure everything is fine with the player you'll find on the lower part of the interface.

If you're wondering where it saves the music, we've already told you that it isn't managed by the app itself, but takes it from the songs saved on your smartphone.

But this isn't its only feature...

Assigning songs to play them whenever you make a phone call isn't the only function or feature included in this application. It also comes along with the option to play songs or videos stored in your device's multimedia gallery.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
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