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Replacing images of a webpage with images from your PC is now feasible with My Image Here. Download My Image Here, an add-on for Firefox, for free

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Images are an essential part of a website, that's why developers and web designers focus great part of their effort on their correct visualisation. Viewing what the page would look like after replacing an image is very easy with My Image Here.

Replacing the images of a web

This add-on compatible with Mozilla Firefox allows you to replace images of a webpage with others from your hard drive and preview the changes before confirming.

Features of My Image Here

  • Replace the images of a web with local images and preview the result.
  • Force the uploaded images to have the same size as the original ones.
  • Options available in the Firefox context menu.
  • Information stored in SQLite.
  • Share customised pages with your contacts.

As we mentioned above, My Image Here is ideal for web designers, but also for any user who wants to muck around with the aspect of a page, to play a joke, for instance. In any case, you should know that you can download My Image Here totally free of charge.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox 2.0-3.6.
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