MY PC OK is a software application capable of cleaning computers and improving their performance. Clean your PC and make it work like the first day

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Using our computer continuously causes, depending on the time that goes by, that it stops performing as well as it did when we first bought it and manages to exasperate many users. MY PC OK is a practical tool that will clean our PC so that is works like the first day once again, after just a couple of simple clicks.

  MY PC OK performs several processes to free space on the drive, eliminating duplicated, temporary and outdated files. Once this is done, it shows us the result on a chart so that we can check the program's efficiency. What's more it eliminates system errors caused by badly eliminated software, it protects our privacy by eliminating the spyware that we have stored on our computer, and it makes us immune against possible external attacks.

  If you've noticed that your computer no longer works like before, or you have realized that your hard drive is quickly filling up, and you want everything to be like at the beginning, download MY PC OK and give your computer more life, without needing any information technology knowledge.
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The trial version has certain limitations.
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