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My Privacy is a tool to analyze the PC in search of data of your browsing. Download My Privacy and delete this data very easily to secure your privacy

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My Privacy is an application developed to be able to view this data that is saved on your computer and that can place your privacy in danger, like the browsing history, cookies and user accounts, because it is information that in the hands of a malicious user can place your security and other private data in real danger.

Delete the personal data stored on your PC

The program will analyze your computer in search of those files that have something to do with your privacy and it will show them on a list, in such a way that you have an option to delete those that you don't want to save, in such a way that nobody will be capable of following your tracks.

The interface is rather nice and easy-to-use, something that makes this development an ideal tool to have installed on your computer, because it hardly uses any resources and, what's more, comes in especially handy for computers that are going to be shared.

Download My Privacy as soon as possible and discover the most simple and quick way to delete the files that may place your privacy in danger.

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Scott McLure
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