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2.12.5 My Start World is a program to create and understand your own natal chart. Download My Star World to obtain a report and know if the stars are in your favor
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Natal charts easily determine the exact position of each heavenly body the day that someone was born, they offer us details about our own personality and the way we relate with other people.

  My Star World is a program that will help us to create and interpret our own natal chart in a simple way, because all we will have to do is input the place and date when we were born, as well as our full name.

  Once we input the data, the application generates a report, thanks to which we will be able to know the position of the heavenly bodies the day we were born and the interpretation of what this means, explaining the most important features of our personality.

  The report will clarify certain details of our life destiny, wheel of fortune, decision taking, the future and our sexual life.

  Thanks to teh chart with all the heavenly body aspects, and the report, My Star World will help us to know ourselves better, and the way we relate with the rest of the world.
Requirements and additional information:
This trial version will work for 28 days, and it will hide certain information of the reports.
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Antony Peel
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