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My Tamagotchi Forever for Android devices is the official game of the most famous virtual pet of all time. It's now back and updated to modern times

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If you were young during the 90s', you may remember Bandai's Tamagotchi. This pixellated pet lived inside a device we could carry around as a keyring and we had to take care of all its needs such as eating or playing.

The most famous virtual pet is back, now on Android

And because we're now living a period of reeditions and homage towards anything retro, we can now enjoy this hobby in a more updated version that has also been developed by Bandai. We're talking about the app My Tamagotchi Forever, which has left pixels to one side and now offers us a new experience whilst looking after this virtual creature.

If we had to choose the best virtual pet of them all, we might go for Pou. It probably reflects better on what Tamagotchi did back then over 20 years ago. In this new app, there are new elements that have been implemented to hook on a new generation of kids who are used to other kinds of video games and virtual pastimes.

When the original Tamagotchi died, there was nothing else you could do. It might be a good idea to make your smartphone useless too... you might take it more seriously.

In any case, the essence is exactly the same: take care of him, feed him, play with him, put him to sleep... All the latter, to make sure he's happy and doesn't bother you asking for things.

These are its main features:

  • Bring up your character: feed him, bathe him, clean him, put him to bed, have fun with him...
  • Play different mini-games with him and meet new Tamagotchis.
  • Play hide-and-seek with other users.
  • Make your character evolve depending on how you look after him.
  • Unlock all sorts of food, clothes, and other interesting objects.
  • Compare your progress to that of your friends.

If you're not too happy about this new version of Bandai's creature, you can always go back to the original toy from the 90s' instead of this app. However, it's probably hard to find at a superstore, you're probably better off trying to buy it on eBay, Amazon or any other second-hand online store.

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