MyCalc2 is a useful scientific calculator that is easy-to-use. Download MyCalc2 free and carry out any calculation or solve a problem without any problem

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The vast majority of application focused towards solving maths problems are rather complex to use, due to the knowledge required to handle them, but there are also other tools that are a lot more versatile, developed so that any science student will be able to use them without any problems.

  MyCalc2 is one of these alternatives. It is a free scientific calculator, that has a series of functions that turn it into one of the best developments of its category, because it perfectly mixes ease of use with very interesting functions.

  Among the features that are worth highlighting of this program we will find:

  - Various calculation modes (statistics, financial, floating point,...).

  - Customization of the calculator's interface by means of skins.

  - Editor to develop formulas.

  - Memory of the last operating that have been carried out.

  If you still don't have a quality calculator installed on your computer, try MyCalc2, a complete, simple and free application.
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