MyDefragPowerGUI is a graphical interface designed for MyDefrag. Download MyDefragPowerGUI for free and defrag your hard drive as easy as possible

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We constantly copy, move and delete files from our hard drive. These files eventually become scattered across the disk in non-contiguous positions, and this causes the reading and writing of data to become slower after a certain amount of time, which translates into loss of operating system performance.

  A solution is to use an efficient to tool to defragment our hard drives like MyDefrag. But if you want to complete this process in a more comfortable way, it is advisable to use the version of the application called MyDefragPowerGUI.

  MyDefragPowerGUI, that used to be known as JkDefragGUI, is a graphical user interface that has been specifically designed for MyDefrag, the powerful free defrag application. Even though it is possible to use it with other applications.

  This application stands out because it offers the user an intuitive interface from which all the interesting features of MyDefrag can be accessed, like defragmenting your hard drives when it detects that the computer isn't being used, or an option called SpaceHogs, that moves the biggest and least used files to the end of the file system, so that it speeds up the operating system's performance. If you want to defrag you computer while you are doing other tasks one of the most interesting features that MyDefragPowerGUI includes is that it allows the user to adjust its priority over other tasks.

  If you want to easily defrag your hard drive, try MyDefragPowerGUI.
Requirements and additional information:
When you install the application, it will download the necessary components as well as MyDefrag applications, so it requires an active Internet connection. For it to work you have to have one of the following compatible applications installed: MyDefrag, NTREGOPT, 7za, Inno Unpacker, PageDefrag, CCleaner. Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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