Create a Wi-Fi access point using your PC's connection by downloading MyPublicWiFi for free. Share the Internet with other devices thanks to MyPublicWiFi

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Share your Internet connection thanks to MyPublicWiFi. This software turns your laptop or desktop computer with an Internet connection into a Wi-Fi access point for other devices.

Offer an Internet connection to all your gadgets

MyPublicWiFi is ideal to create a temporary access point to the Internet wherever you are. Furthermore, it also includes a firewall tool that restricts the access of the users to certain servers and avoids the wrongful use of programs and services. You can register and view all the sites visited from your virtual network.

The perfect solution to configure a provisional access point.

Features of MyPublicWiFi

  • Free software to share your Internet connection.
  • Simple configuration.
  • WPA2 encryption system.
  • View the clients that make use of your access point.
  • Check a registry of pages visited.
  • Block the use of P2P tools.

Download MyPublicWiFi for free and you'll be able to share your Internet connection with other devices thanks to this Wi-Fi signal repeater.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
6 months ago
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