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Solve maths operations input in a natural manner thanks to MyScript Calculator. Operate with MyScript Calculator as if you were using pen and paper

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When it comes to using calculators, we have always been subject to the rigidity imposed by their limitations regarding the data input. MyScript Calculator is here to correct this aspect, as well as to provide a system to calculate complex operations almost instantly.

The calculator you've always wanted to have.

MyScript Calculator allows you to carry out mathematical operations in a natural manner by just writing. Input the data on the screen as if you were using pen and paper, and let the application solve them instantly, supporting several types of arithmetic operators.


  • Write any mathematical formula by hand.
  • Calculate maths expressions naturally and without the keyboard.
  • Scratch out to delete symbols and numbers.
  • Undo and redo functions.
  • Support for different operators (basic operations, miscellaneous operations, exponentials, trigonometry, inverse trigonometry, logarithms and constants).

What are the advantages of MyScript Calculator?

The advantage of using MyScript Calculator isn't only the fact of inputting the data as if the user were using pen and paper, but also recognizing the input data, which will immediately be provided with a presentable format. On the other hand, and equally important, it's also capable of detecting errors in the operations and correcting them automatically.

Solve any kind of maths problem in a matter of seconds with MyScript Calculator for Android.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The version of the application as well as the size and version of the operating system depend on the device on which it's installed.
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the "Unknown sources" option within Settings>Applications.
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