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MySpace Grab is an application with which you can download music from Myspace. Download MySpace Grab, choose the songs you want and save them on your PC

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MySpace is a springboard to fame for many groups all over the World, as well as a massive dissemination method for any musician that wants his work to be known worldwide, because it is a social network that is basically specialized in music.

  One of the problems of this great initiative is that it is impossible to download the music of the artists hosted on Myspace, but MySpace Grab is finally going to make this possible.

  This small application only requires that we input the Myspace URL of the group that we want to download the music of, after that we will select the songs that we want to download and where to store them, and they will be downloaded directly in MP3 format.

  Enjoy all the singles, exclusive tracks and songs that your favorite artists upload to Myspace and expand you music collection only with the help of MySpace Grab.
MySpace Grab
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