.0.11 Alpha By downloading MySQL 6 you will have the best free database management system. Make the most of the great performance of MySQL 6 for web applications
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Nobody has any doubt about the fact that MySQL 6 is the free database management program par excellence. Developed by MySQL AB, company purchased by Oracle, it stands out specially for its use in web applications.

An efficient and effective free database management system

MySQL Server is one of the favorite database management tools for users, not only because it's free, but also due to its reliability and the speed that it offers. It uses standard SQL language and, together with how easy it is to use, it's capable of managing large databases efficiently.

The most popular database management system for web applications.

Main features

  • Relational database management system based on SQL.
  • Support for a wide range of programming languages, such as PHP, Perl, Java, C or C++.
  • Choose storage mechanisms with different features.
  • Transactional storage engine ready to work with 64-bit systems.
  • Compatible with ACID transactions.
  • Table space parameters defined by the user.

Download MySQL 6 and get hold of the most important relational database manager for free.

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