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MySQL GUI Tools offers a pack of tools with a graphic interface focused on MySQL. Download MySQL GUI Tools for free on your Mac and easily work with MySQL

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MySQL GUI Tools is a pack of tools that includes a graphical interface that makes it easier to carry out several tasks related with the MySQL database engine. With this engine it's only possible to work in terminal mode, but thanks to this pack of utilities we have a more pleasant way to work with databases.

  Among the tools that this suite offers us we'll find the following:
- MySQL Administrator, thanks to which we will easily be able to modify all the parameters of our server.
- MySQL Query Browser, by means of which we'll access the databases and the tables on the server.

  Unlike the versions available for other platforms, it doesn't include the MySQL Migration Toolkit.

  All in all, designing and modeling databases, the development in SQL and database management are the main tasks that can be performed thanks to MySQL GUI Tools.

  Download this pack of utilities now and provide MySQL with a graphical interface when working with Mac.
Requirements and additional information:
This download is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and above.
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