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Name This Tune will ask you what the names of the songs that form a playlist are. Answer the names of the songs correctly after you download Name This Tune

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On many occasions we ask ourselves what the name of a song is even when it is in our own playlist, but have you ever asked yourself how many of the songs that you listen to regularly you could name. This is what Name This Tune does.

Use your music library as a base for your questions

How Name This Tune works is relatively simple, because when the game is launched the user only has to select a playlist at the bottom of the interface and select 'Start Test' so that it starts to play songs randomly.

Guess which song you are listening to.

Once the song is playing the user will have to identify it correctly from a selection of five titles, and if he answers correctly the game will appoint him points based on the time taken to answer and negative if their is a mistake. After you do this you will only have to choose 'Next Song' to listen to another song.

Additionally, the player will only have to choose the 'Need More Time' to listen to an additional piece of the song in exchange of less points.

Therefore, if you want to try a game that will test your knowledge about the songs that form part of your playlists, yoy only have to download Name This Tune free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It is necessary to have iTunes installed to play.
  • To work properly you need to have iTunes closed when you open the program.
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