The Internet is full of dangers. Naomi will avoid that your children access and see inappropriate contents. Download Naomi for free, a parental control app

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Each day it's easier for children to browse the Internet and access the websites that they like most, but this also exposes them to plenty of other websites with information that they shouldn't be able to access, like for example those that include pornography, that justify the use of drugs or terrorism, or even a site that might belong to a sect or cult, so since it's rather difficult and complex to control the PC's use, it is necessary to have a program that avoids their access to inappropriate websites.

  Naomi is a simple utility that analyzes the connections that we perform from our computer (browsers, chat programs or download applications) and avoids that we can access contents that may be offensive or inappropriate for the youngest members of a household.

  The program, once installed, can be viewed as an icon in the system tray and can only be unblocked by the appropriate password, so that we can be totally sure.

  If you want to block the access to any contents related with terrorism, occultism, sects, games of chance or pornography, on your computer, don't think twice and download and install Naomi
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Antony Peel
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