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Ndiswrapper is a program that takes care of making the Windows drivers of a Wi-Fi card work on Linux, whether USB, PC or PCMCIA. Download Ndiscwrapper free

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One of the major problems that Linux users have always suffered is the little attention that hardware manufacturers pay to them. Only a few of them actually take the penguin's systems seriously, and these aren't the Wi-Fi and wireless cards manufacturers. That is why Ndiswrapper is so important.

  This application's main function is to make Wi-Fi Windows drivers work in Linux. Making it much easier to use a wide variety of wireless cards in any Linux distribution.

  Among the supported cards we'll find the most popular ones, both USB, PCI and PCMCIA. The major companies dedicated to this type of cards D-Link, MSI, Netgear, Linksys, Belkin, Dell, Asus or ZyXEL are supported (most of them completely, others only the most important cards).

  With Ndiswrapper it's almost impossible to have a Wi-Fi card that doesn't work with Linux, that is why the vast majority of distributions put their trust on this application to support this type of hardware, as it is practically the only solution until the manufacturers decide to develop their own drivers for Linux.
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