NeoPaint offers a simple image editor with useful functions. Download NeoPaint and you will be able to enhance photographs and take screen captures

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Sometimes it can come in handy to have an image editor to perform a small photo enhancement, or to carry out a simple drawing, and if you don't know what program to resort to: a complete yet complex application like Photoshop, or a simple tool like Paint by Windows. But none of the two options ends up convincing you. NeoPaint can be a good option.

It's an image editor that is easy to use, but not as simple as Paint. By means of a clear and intuitive interface, you will have a large amount of tools available to complete the drawing: airbrushes, brushes, pencils, felt tip pens, fill in tools, sprays, stamps, etc. One of the features that stands out most of NeoPaint is its history, like the one used by Photoshop, that will make it easier to undo any changes in your drawings.

NeoPaint also has some other interesting functions, like the different screen capture options. With NeoGrab you can capture the screen capture, the active window, the selected object or a rectangular selection, among other options.

Download NeoPaint for free and get hold of a useful tool to edit, enhance and capture images.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be used for 30 days.
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