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In Nerdy Girl 2! High School Life for Android, your mission is to encourage Hannah to leave her books and studying habits aside and become a cheerleader

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The plot of Nerdy Girl 2! High School Life is outstanding. It turns out that Hannah, the typical nerdy high school girl, has just met the most popular guy at school. His name is Scott and, as couldn't be otherwise, he's the quarterback of the football team, the highest popularity rank you can get to when you're a teenager.

Well, this game offers us a deep love story that nobody would ever dare to tag as superficial: Hannah decides that she wants to go out with this project of a guy so she'll go through an image change to win him over: clothes, brackets, glasses, weight... In fact, she's going to join the cheerleader team because this boy is really into all those sporty-looking girls.

Trump's America in a video game.

So, with this plot that's so committed to the equality between men and women, we'll have to help this girl to fulfill her dream of getting a date with her beloved Scottie.

A full makeover for Hannah

It's basically a game that simulates a sad life that can only lead to unsatisfaction, the mass consumption of antidepressants and end up addicted to drugs and living in a caravan with 5 kids, watching TV all day long and taking long looks at that crown hanging on the wall that reminds her of the day she was named prom queen.

Turn Hannah into what everyone wants her to be.

During the buildup to the much-awaited moment you'll have to do things such as the following:

  • Practice cheerleader steps.
  • Go to the spa.
  • Choose and apply makeup.
  • Choose fashionable clothes.

Download this APK to your Android right now and help Hannah to reach her dream... and just go and download GTA - San Andreas and let her finish her studies, be creative and live her own satisfactory life. That's up to you.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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