Nero tips and tricks: the best help and tutorials

Nero, and especially Nero Burning Rom, is one of the most popular and widely used applications for burning CDs and DVDs. The main tool was launched in 1997 and during all these years, it has not stopped evolving. However, it has not lost its essence: it is still a very complete but simple to use software, focused on all types of users.

Over the years, Nero has been adding utilities to its package, going from an individual application to a complete suite. In addition to the most common tasks, such as burning discs or extracting their content, Nero lets you create your own covers, modify your photo tags, watch movies, edit videos, or detect duplicate files. In fact, becoming a Swiss Army Knife seems to be the reason for its success, even today, with less and less use of physical supports.

In Malavida, we have prepared a collection of articles and guides with the best tricks to use Nero and squeeze all its potential. We will explain how you can install Nero on your computer, how to take your first steps, and what exactly it is for. We also show you, step by step, and with screenshots, how to copy your CDs and DVDs, how to extract music, or how to convert the content of a disc into an ISO. Finally, we will solve your doubts about Nero Portable, if it really exists.

Are you eager to start using Nero to manage the data in your CD and DVD collection? In that case, you just have to download its installer. How? Using the link you have on this page, which provides a safe, reliable, and fast download of the latest version of Nero.

How to make a copy of a CD using Nero

Burning a CD with Nero is a very simple task. The first step you must take is to launch its main application, Nero Start. There, locate the Burn & Rip column and click on Nero Express.


How to rip audio with Nero

Among its many functions, Nero lets you get the tracks from a music CD and convert them into digital audio files. As usual, Nero is in charge of simplifying the process and helps you carry it out in a few clicks. The first thing you have to do is choose the right tool. To do this, launch Nero Burning Rom.


How to create an ISO image with Nero

Creating a disk image or an ISO file with Nero is very simple. Just open the Nero Burning ROM tool. It is located in the Rip & Burn column of the Nero Start application.


How to copy a DVD with Nero

Copying two DVDs becomes a simple task if the right tool is used. Nero, a specialized software for handling physical media such as CDs or DVDs, lets you create exact copies quickly and easily. To start, you just need to access Nero Start, the main application of the suite. There, select the Nero Burning Rom option, located in the Burn & Rip column.


How to burn an ISO image using Nero

An ISO file is an exact copy of the contents of a CD or DVD that can be stored on other media, such as external hard drives, memory sticks, or in the cloud. Often, ISO files, also called disk images, hold the files necessary for the installation of an operating system or other types of software. However, an ISO can contain any type of data.


How to install Nero

The installation of Nero is done following the usual method. The first step you must take is to download its executable. Although you can get it from its official website, we recommend that you use the link below. This will let you download the latest version of Nero quickly and securely.


How to use Nero and how it works

Nero is much more than just a burning application. Today, it has become a complete suite that lets you perform different tasks. If you have just installed it, you can use this article to learn more about how it works. Nero Start is its main application and contains carefully classified shortcuts so that you can find the right tool in each case.


Nero Portable: can it be downloaded?

Nero does not have a portable version. Therefore, each of the utilities and tools included in this suite must be installed on your computer. Under no circumstances is it possible to run them from a USB stick.


What is Nero and what is it for?

Nero is a suite of tools that lets you work with physical storage media, more specifically, CDs and DVDs. Nero was launched in 1997 by Nero AG. Its original name, Nero Burning ROM, is a play on words that refer to the burning of the city of Rome by Emperor Nero. At that time, Nero only had one application. However, nowadays, it is a complete Swiss Army Knife made up of various utilities, and for that reason, it is now simply called Nero. Although it is an application mostly used in Windows, it has a version for Linux. However, it is not possible to use Nero in MacOS.


January 19, 2021. Translated by Manuel Sánchez