NetBalancer allows you to control and mange the bandwidth used by your applications. Download NetBalancer for free and limit the use of your bandwidth

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The bandwidth that we have on our computer is limited. This is why it is very interesting to be able to distribute the use of bandwidth by the programs of the user's choice however we want. NetBalancer makes this possible. It is an application that monitors the use of bandwidth of a connection and allows us to establish priorities for the programs with which the users want to use the most bandwidth.

How to control and limit the bandwidth

NetBalancer allows you to provide certain applications with higher priority so that they use more bandwidth. For example, you'll be able to assign more bandwidth to the program you use to download files rather than to other programs.

Furthermore, NetBalancer can also come in very handy to monitor the use of the Internet by the applications that are installed.

Main functions

  • Establish download and upload priorities for any process (high, normal or low priority, block the traffic, ignore or limit).
  • Detailed definition of the traffic rules.
  • Show the current connections of any process.
  • Establish global traffic limits.

Control the use and consumption of bandwidth with NetBalancer.

Requirements and additional information:
  • There are certain functions that are only available in the registered version.

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