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Netscape was one of the first and most popular web browsers. Download Netscape for free to be able to use this classic browser on your Linux distribution

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Netscape was one of the most used browsers when Internet first became available to the general public, and it was the first to include a script language on web pages. After it finally ended up losing the first browser war against Internet Explorer, America Online decided to stop developing this software. If you really liked this browser and you want to have it on your Linux distribution, here is the last ever version of Netscape.

  This version is based on Mozilla Firefox, and has a practical interface that optimizes the browsing space. Another feature of Netscape is the URL correction: the browser will correct us when we write a web page address wrong. It also includes a tab browsing system to be able to have different pages inside the same windows, and even includes an integrated search engine.

  To make browsing easier, it has a sidebar that will allow us to save the links that we want to visit later, so as to avoid saturating the markers: we only have to drag the link to this bar.

  If you're a nostalgic of the Netscape browser, we offer you one of the last chances to enjoy it.
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