Optimize your Internet connection thanks to NetScream. Obtain a great stability for your connection and increase its speed once you download NetScream

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NetScream is an application that has been developed for those users that want to optimize their Internet access speed because it takes care of stabilizing the connection and improving the speed in compliance with the specifications of the modem that we use.

According to the program's developers, it's capable of improving the data flow up to 200%, depending on the device that we have, by automatically configuring the connection and the registry file.

Speed up your Internet connection

Using the program is really simple, due to the fact that we'll only have to select the kind of access that we use, the operating system installed on our computer and the data transfer speed. Once we have done this, we'll only have to press a button and wait for the application to perform the appropriate changes on its own.

The interface is very simple, much more than that of other applications designed to optimize the connection speed, in which we have dozens of configuration and customization options.

If you want to have a utility that will allow you to browse much quicker with your traditional modem, download and install NetScream.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version doesn't allow you to set the quickest configuration.
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