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NetTube Video Music Player & Playlist Manager is an app to search for music videos on YouTube and instantly play them and listen to them on your iPhone

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Everyone loves music. There are loads of ways to listen to it. Some people prefer to carry it around in an MP3 player, others use Spotify, then we've got the iTunes fans, those that jump from radio station to radio station, and old folks that still use cassettes. But sometimes you just want to listen to a song that's not available on any of the above-mentioned platforms. So what do you do? Yes, you got straight to YouTube.

Music for everyone

The problem about this social network is that, once you've listened to the song you wanted, you'll have to pick up your phone once again, to choose another one or hit the play button to hear it once more time. Or create a playlist, although that can be somewhat tiresome. But there's no need to worry, NetTube Video Music Player & Playlist Manager for iPhone is the solution you need on your iPhone.

Search for and listen to millions of songs for free on YouTube.

With this tool, you'll be able to listen to millions of songs non-stop totally free of charge and via streaming. The search function is focused on songs to make it easier to find any track or playlist that suits your musical taste, sorting the list by name, date, length, etc. You can also watch the videos in HD quality in full-screen mode, and check the top 100 chart at national or international level. And to make sure you don't miss out on any new additions, it also includes a section with the latest music trends. And you can obviously also find buttons to share on Facebook or other social networks, so you can tell everyone on Twitter what you're listening to.

Online music streaming.

A really simple tool that music fans will really love. It requires iOS 8.0 or above so forget about downloading it if you're still using an old iPhone or iPad.

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