Download NetworkView and manage a network of Windows computers efficiently. Subnetworks, IP ranges, MAC addresses... and a lot more, download NetworkView

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NetworkView is an application focused on network management. If you are the person in charge of managing a computer network at your workplace or anywhere else, this software will come in very handy to detect and solve problems.

Everything you need to manage your local network

With NetworkView you will be able to check any network configured with Windows computers to know all kinds of data. Subnetworks, IP ranges, public addresses, amount of computers and their MAC, the number of open ports that each one of them can have,... All this data and a lot more are what NetworkView provides once it has analyzed the local network.

Furthermore, NetworkView is much more than a network analyzer, because it is possible to configure alerts so that it sends an email when anything that the network manager should know occurs.

The interface of NetworkView is somewhat crude, but it is worth taking into account that this isn't normally something that this kind of software stands out for. When you download NetworkView you will find an excellent network scanner and analyzer that will allow you to access a lot of data about your network that would otherwise take you hours to verify.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be used for 30 days and it shows notifications as well as not allowing us to export data.
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