Keep an eye on your connection with NetWorx. Monitor your network and see how you use the bandwidth you have contracted by downloading NetWorx for free

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If you want to know what is using so much bandwidth or why your Internet connection isn't even close to what you're paying for, NetWorx will show you all the information you need. With this software, you can monitor your Internet connection in an easy and automatic manner.

Monitor your bandwidth and data consumption

With NetWorx, monitoring your Internet connection will be very easy in order to be able to control the data that is sent and received, create statistics and reports or even detect unwanted connections (like those carried out by viruses or trojans). Furthermore, it includes tools to carry out pings and traceroutes.

Another key feature of NetWorx is, without a doubt, that it allows us to know how much data traffic we have used. This is very useful if you have contracted a connection in which you pay for the data transferred, as in the case of 3G connections, which have become so common lately, and that usually associate their data plans to certain amounts.

To monitor any data, NetWorx remains open on the taskbar, showing the essential information and the status bar shows an icon with shortcuts to the most useful services of this software.

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