Nextbots in Backrooms: Obunga Android

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Terrible dangers lurk in the scary Backrooms. Will you be able to escape all the internet memes that want to kill you in Nextbots in Backrooms: Obunga?


Escape from scary internet memes

September 20, 2023
7 / 10

Nextbots in Backrooms: Obunga is a haunting horror and action game featuring first-person 3D graphics and where we are enclosed in diverse settings with a bunch of bots and the most hair-raising version of internet memes. Our only mission is to survive... and it won't be easy.

Dangers await around every corner

To create a match, the first thing we have to do is choose one of the maze-like settings, which means the action is not limited to just the classic Backrooms. Next, we have to choose a character (based on Minecraft PE designs) and a nextbot, all of which are twisted versions of internet memes (starting with Obunga).

Huge mazes, incomprehensible corridors and scary corners await you.

The match starts instantly. We will use our thumbs to control our advance, running, and the camera. In the top right-hand corner, we will see the top survival time and our survival time for each match. The objective is to climb the leaderboard. There are two ways to get points: collecting crystals or surviving longer.

All in all, the download of the APK file offers us a very simple game that fans of frights will love. In addition, it features an interesting option for creating customized nextbots.

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