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18.5 Nexus Dock provides the Mac dock to any PC with Windows. Renew your system's appearance and gain in features and elegance by downloading Nexus Dock for free
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Apple's operating systems are known for their style and design. One of the main features of their graphical interface is the icon bar located at the bottom of the screen that includes the shortcuts to applications, that is generally known as a dock.

If you want to enjoy the elegance of Mac operating systems in Windows, download Nexus Dock for free, a complete bar that provides shortcuts to the most used applications.

By default, we'll have certain shortcuts configured (screensaver, Windows Mail, Firefox, memory and process monitor, weather forecast, recycling bin, clock, Windows Start Up), that we'll be able to change to our own liking.

Main features

  • Maintain it docked or floating and choose its position.
  • Change the interface's color.
  • Change the icon's appearance and apply semi-transparencies and effects.
  • Choose between different themes.
  • Customize the sounds played when an event happens.
  • And many more.
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