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Fight against the Nimda virus thanks to Nimda Removal Tool. Download Nimda Removal Tool free and you will be able to detect its presence and eliminate it
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Nimda is a virus that infects computers in various ways, it can send itself by email to all your Outlook contacts, it also infected the web servers that worked with Microsoft IIS asking the people connected to download a file that simulated the WAV sound. Its repercussion was enormous, but thanks to tools like Nimda Removal Tool it has been eliminated to nearly make it disappear.

Tool to remove Nimda

Like the vast majority of modern viruses, Nimda infected any Windows operating system by means of one of the system's security vulnerabilities and, once installed on the system, started to send SPAM mails and perform other fraudulent actions, like DDoS attacks.

The quick spreading of this virus made millions of users format their computer to be able to eliminate the virus, that managed to topple full network due to the vast traffic load that it generated, nevertheless, thanks to a powerful scanner that Nimda Removal Tool includes, this can no longer happen.

With Nimda Removal Tool we'll be able to get rid of the problem of eliminating Nimda both from the system as well as the memory and any other place where it may have tried to hide.

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