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Nirvana is an entertaining, fun life simulation game in which you will have to make decisions that will condition your existence and define your future

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Nirvana is not only one of the reference rock groups in the history of this genre... in fact the popular band from Seattle took the name from the philosophical concept of oriental religions that refers to the state that can be reached through meditation that consists of the liberation of desires and that affects the cycle of reincarnations.

Balance your soul and get reincarnated

And this is what this life simulator is about: you will start as a newborn baby who will have to face the vicissitudes that any human being has to face in the course of his life cycle. You will have to make decisions, and these will put you in a state where your needs have to be balanced: money, health, popularity, happiness... you will have to make random decisions, as often happens in life, sliding cards that will make you look at yourself in a hundred different situations.

In this way you can live like a beggar but who knows, maybe as a murderer, superhero, rock star, gangster... face them all in this fun and entertaining game that you'll soon get the hang of and that also features an always attractive pixelated interface. Who knows what your next reincarnation will be like and what the Creator has in store for you?

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Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
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