1.2.4 Download Nixory and get rid of the spyware hosted on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. With Nixory you will have a permanent antispyware shield
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Web browsers have become specially important for the activity of any user in front of a computer. This activity is increasingly related to the Internet, and malware developers are very aware of this circumstance. That is why applications like Nixory, that take care of keeping spyware under control, are becoming essential.

Remove spyware from your browser

Nixory is a simple open source tool, the aim of which is to detect and remove malicious cookies from our browser that put our privacy at risk. This program has a simple interface on which, after analysing our browsers, we will be able to see which elements have been found, offering use the possibility to get rid of them all or only those of our choice.

Stop worrying about spyware on your browser.


  • Spyware detection scanner for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  • Possibility to activate an automatic protection shield.
  • Registry of incidents.
  • Option to remove detected elements totally or selectively.

Better safe than sorry

Not only does Nixory offer us a one-off analysis of the spyware on our PC, but also offers us the possibility to activate a shield to protect us permanently. Thus, we will always have active protection to guarantee a browsing experience without incidents, which will go unnoticed because once we close Nixory's main control panel, the program will start working in the background, hardly consuming any resources, and accessible from the taskbar at any moment.

Download Nixory for free and stop worrying about the security of your information shared on the Internet.

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Antony Peel
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