Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver

Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver is the pack of drivers that lets you connect Nokia handsets, such as the Asha series, to your PC to manage them from there

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If you've got a Nokia phone, an Asha 210, 300 or 501 for instance, you'll definitely find it useful to be able to access it from your computer by means of a cable. The best thing to do would be to use the manufacturer's official suite, but you can also do so with Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver.

Charge it or transfer data from your PC

Thanks to this pack of controllers you'll be able to manage it from your Windows desktop. It comes along with different drivers depending on the type of cable:

  • Nokia Connectivity Cable DKE-2
  • Nokia Connectivity Cable DKU-2
  • Nokia Connectivity Adapter Cable CA-42
  • Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-53
  • Nokia Charging Connectivity Cable CA-70
  • Nokia Charging Connectivity Cable CA-101

Manage your old Nokia from a computer.

By installing this software you'll be able to make use of everything necessary to charge it from your computer, transfer data and other actions. It's a great emergency solution for when we can't access the device's management suite (for instance, when using a PC at work or any other computer on which we don't have the permissions necessary). We'll enable our computer to carry out basic management operations on our phone.

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