Nokia HERE Online

Access Nokia maps online with Nokia HERE. By using Nokia HERE, a handy webapp made by Nokia, you will have access to Nokia's updated mapping system

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Nokia HERE is Nokia's refurbished mapping system. Get hold of maps of cities and countries from around the world and discover interesting options.

The transformation of Nokia Maps.

With the maps provided by Nokia you can choose a destination and calculate the best route, as with other mapping solutions. But in addition to this, you have other options that enhance the user experience. Discover them!

Custom maps for Nokia

  • Browse through three-dimensional maps.
  • Travel anywhere without leaving home.
  • Create collections. Save the places you find interesting and share.
  • Discover the sights around you.
  • Access traffic information in real time.
  • Collaborate and help to build latest maps. With Map Creator you can add paths.

A new generation of custom maps.

Access Nokia HERE, the official Nokia webapp, and discover a new concept in terms of online mapping systems.

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