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Nonstop Chuck Norris is the Android game based on the unbeatable North American actor who will once again save the world and fly the American flag

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If you're into movies full of action, kicks, and punches, you're obviously a great fan of three brilliant actors: on the one hand, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill (especially when together), regarding which we can recommend the excellent PC game Schiaffi&Fagioli, and on the other, Chuck Norris, who is finally getting what he deserves: a game for Android and iPhone.

The Chuck Norris game for Android

We're talking about Nonstop Chuck Norris, a beat'em up for Android featuring the North American actor that has starred in some of the most successful TV action movies around full of punches, kicks, and political propaganda. Everyone knows that Delta Force, Invasion USA, Missing in Action or Lone Wolf McQuade are real gems of the seventh art, to which we also have to add the best TV series in history, with a great production and an impeccable moral: Walker Texas Ranger.

Chuck Norris approves.

Here at Malavida, we're deeply in love with Chuck, and that's why we recommend you this video game that's precisely about what our hero knows how to do the best: saving the Universe and defeating all the bad guys. For such purpose, we'll have to explore the game's different settings and facing up against loads of enemies that are looking for a hiding.

  • Fight against loads of enemies.
  • Enhance Chuck's killing power with all sorts of weapons: from chain saws to selfie sticks, anything can be lethal in this game.
  • Discover and use his most emblematic kicks and punches: roundhouse kicks and push-up slams.
  • Collect statements and data about him that have led to plenty of memes (because they are totally true).

It was about time that we could finally enjoy a decent video game and not only GIFs and memes inspired by this great actor. Furthermore, we're going to rate the game with a 10 and not only because we're scared that he might walk in to kick our ass but because the game deserves it.

The game is really good, with decent 3D graphics and loads of other elements, but the truth is that as a retro beat'em up it would have been better off as a game of the style of Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. Let's just hope that Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal, Van Damme, or Dolph Lundgren receive the game they deserve some time soon.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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