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With Noteflight you can compose music online from your browser in an intuitive manner. Noteflight is the appropriate webapp to learn music at any level

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Composing music isn't an easy task, however there are tools such as Noteflight that make it easier as well as being very useful to learn music.

Compose your own music from your web browser

Noteflight is an online tool to write music that allows us to compose, read, print and listen to musical notation. Directly on your browser and from any device with an Internet connection, you can work with your own compositions and share them with whoever you want.

Some of its features

  • Support for an intuitive musical notation.
  • Creation of compositions with any amount of staves and tabs for guitar and bass.
  • Share your compositions by links or embedded on the web.
  • High quality printing of sheet music.
  • Possibility to import and export compositions in MusicXML, MIDI and WAV format.
  • You can play music, synchronise it with video and mix audio.

Ideal tool to learn music

Thanks to its possibilities in terms of sharing contents and making it collaborative, Noteflight is an ideal tool to learn music. Both individually and in groups, it is suitable for all sorts of educational levels.

Compose music online and share it with whoever you want with Noteflight.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to have an email account to be able to sign up.
  • Requires Adobe Flash Player.
  • The functions of the free version are limited with regard to the paid version.
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